• Feeding

    • Pendulum Feeder

      【Introduction】: A feeder with periodic reciprocating motion for fine particles

      【Capacity】: 4.5~25t/h

      【Improvement】: Worm gear reducer, compact structure, reliable sealing device

    • Plate Feeder

      【Introduction】: A feeding machine with impact resistance and large convey capacity

      【Capacity】: 15~217m3/h

      【Improvement】: A reducer with large speed ratio, speed adjustment motor

    • Chute Feeder

      【Introduction】: A periodic and reciprocating feeding machine for large bulk materials

      【Capacity】: 10~90t/h

      【Improvement】: According to user requirements, the motor can be changed to the speed adjustment motor to adjust the feeding volume.

  • Transmission Equipment

    • Belt Conveyor

      【Introduction】: A general stationary belt conveyor.

      【Capacity】: 78-2995 t/h

      【Improvement】: Equipped backstop device Selections of electric drum, electric drum with external motor or electric reducer according to the working condition

  • Iron Removal Equipment

    • Electromagnetic Iron Remover

      【Introduction】: An electromagnetic equipment to remove iron parts in bulk nonmagnetic materials

      【Capacity】: ≤200mm

      【Improvement】: Iron mover is suitable for thick materials because of the reasonable magnetic circuit design, magnetic field intensity and large magnetic penetration depth.

    • Metal Detector

      【Introduction】: An electromagnetic induction device for detecting iron parts of conveying belt material

      【Capacity】: 500~1400mm

      【Improvement】: Voice and light alarm function

  • Automatic Control Equipment

    • Electronic Belt Scale

      【Introduction】: A weighting equipment for metering belt conveying capacity with simple structure and advanced technology

      【Capacity】: ≤1200 t/h

      【Improvement】: EBM 2011 is a new generation of continuous weighing management system, the control core adopts German Siemens ddLC, stability and reliability has been greatly improved

    • Pipeline Sampler

      【Introduction】: An automatic sampler for pulp sampling from closed pipelines

      【Capacity】: : Minimum for 1 min

      【Improvement】: This product could set sampling time. The minimum sampling time is 1min. The sampling time could be adjusted by requirement of tester. The sample is typical and could show the change of ore pulp (powder) in special time.

    • Flocculants System

      【Introduction】: A stable and continuous flocculants powder feeding device in preparation of flocculants solution

      【Capacity】: ≤20A

      【Improvement】: Patent products, speed adjustment motor, and adjustable feeding volume